Ballet Technique Classes

Our New Ballet Technique classes have been specifically created to maximise each dancers potential. From Grade 2 Ballet we encourage all dancers to take part in a weekly Ballet Technique class in addition to their graded syllabus class. 

In this specialised class pupils will focus on all essential ballet technique including engaging the correct muscles, control of turn out and stronger alignment. Pupils will increase overall body strength and will have the opportunity to perfect the positioning and placement of the arms and legs. This technique is key to enabling our dancers to be as strong as possible. 

Studying the technique class in addition to the graded syllabus class will facilitate a pathway for students to progress to pointe work by strengthening their feet, ankles, legs and core. 

In doing both classes students will be able to feel a real improvement in their technique and as a result will increase their confidence and create a great sense of achievement – this will be amplified by the improvement they will make not only in their Ballet syllabus class but in all other dance classes they take part in including tap and modern. 

Pupils who show strong potential will be selected from the Ballet Technique class to study at Vocational level. This will enable students who are interested in studying and or having a career in dance to further progress in this chosen field by studying at Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate level.

We can’t wait for our dancers to reap the benefits of improved ballet technique!